Ryan & Yong swept the Division contests held today at the Rahway Public Library! Ryan won the Humorous Speech Contest  by delivering his pitch-perfect 'Adventure in America'. He had to fight some formidable opponents to covet the title and his speech of course, sent the audience to splits.

AoS Members: 

I am very happy to announce that both Ryan and Yong brought home 1st Place trophies last night, each winning his portion of the Area 42 contest. Ryan's speech caused convulsive laughter and inspired the audience to accept him as one of their own - a fellow hot dog eater! Yong's Table Topic speech was so well-structured and amusing that if I didn't know any better, I'd say he'd been planning all week to give a short speech about how if he could take only one possession with him to Mars it would be his bar of soap. 


Ryan Sun emeged as a winner in the Art of Speaking Humorous Fall 2014 contest.   In the Table Topics contest that followed, Yong Li was selected among a pool of enthusiastic participants. Read the full press release below:

Fall 2014 Humorous Contest Winners

Colin Curan & Hitender Mittal won the best Speaker and best Evaluator award respectively at the Area 42 International Speech competition held on 31st March 2014. 


Our club was President's Distinguished Club for 2003 - 2004 and nominated for Select Distinguished Club, 2006-2007, "The Most Successful Club in the Area" and Smedley award for 2007-2008.

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